EMPC – Employee Calculator Benefits

Why using EMPC will benefit your business….

  • Periodically monitors your account for compliance issues
  • Tracks the different business risk classifications assigned to the same employee
  • Ensures your employees are assigned correct classification(s)
  • Records piece work estimates in addition to work hours
  • Supports the use of special industries and their reporting guidelines
  • Provides proof of record keeping timecards and signatures for any field audit for your employees per multiple departmental regulations and written policies
  • Ensures compliance with reporting to the different State agencies
  • Saves time and money reporting to your accountant or bookkeeper
  • Can use different time frames for analysis. For example, when an employee started and ended employment or and when the last check or pay period occurred, or any other analysis you choose.
  • Great for cash flow analysis for payroll taxes
  • On line support, education, webinars, and seminars


Questions? Contact Help Desk

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Helpdesk is used to assist you after you have entered the data required to run the program.

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