Project Calculator – FAQ’s

What kind of companies should use this program?

It’s great for small companies wanting to keep track of prevailing wage contracts. Keeping track of the dates, hours, contractors, number of employees, fringe pay rates, etc. in different classifications can be a challenge when you have more than two projects.

Record keeping requirements demand you link a classification with an Employee, Contractor, and Projects that have prevailing wage reporting requirements. If you are audited, this information will reduce your assessment of premium taxes and penalties.

How do you use this program?

The program is divided into four sections:

  • Add Project, Classifications, and Employee / Subcontractors
  • Combine these to Add Pay and Fringe Rates

Add in all the Prevailing Wage Affidavit information
Enter assigned business risk classifications
Enter employees you want to use
Enter properly licensed and bonded subcontractors

How do you Enter Hours?

You use the specially designed timesheets and add hours menus.

Can I Edit these Menus?

Yes! Here is where you can edit employee/subcontractor pay data, change classification information and rates, and project date information.

What kind of reports do I get?

Hours Detail By Clasification

Hours Detail By Worker

Hours Detail By Project

The Project will count the number of Employees/Subcontractors who worked on this specific project in a specific classification, and total the wages. After all totals of number or workers, hours, and sums, the report adds them for a total count of workers, hours, and pay for this specific project. Then, the program goes to the next project and does the same. The reports can be generated by date or project in about five (5) seconds.

What an incredible time saver in reporting Prevailing Wage projects!

These entries are fixed to prevent fraud and conform to regulatory agency record keeping reporting policies to help prevent audits for workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance.

How do I set it up?

When you begin the program, the New Account Registration page asks you for all the information, contact, tax identifiers, and specific tax amounts for your company. This is required even during the 30-day trial period. Once this is done, you will be able to use the program.

What’s the hardest part?

Entering the data in the Add Project, Add Classifications and Add Employee/Subcontractor section. This can take a couple hours of your time before the program functions easily, quickly, and provides the accurate reports required by State agencies.

What kind of Summary Reports do I get?

You can report workers on multiple projects for payroll and project summaries by classification

  • Employee/Subcontractor Hours and Payment data
  • Accounts Payable data for authorized payments
  • Accurate historical record required by State agencies
  • Project affidavits for certified payrolls

These reports are the detail summary reports used for PAYROLL and ACCOUNTS PAYABLE input for Employee/Subcontractor gross hours and wages and Prevailing Wage Affidavit reporting. This is why you bought the program. These reports are propagated each time you enter data which gives you a running total for budgetary analysis and cash flow projections.

As a bonus, you can use this report for State unemployment insurance calculations.

Can I print these reports anytime I want?

They can be printed in any time frame you choose including monthly, quarterly, annual, or other analysis. These reports can be reviewed on line or sent to bookkeepers and accountants for payroll data entry, agency reporting, and transmitted via the internet from your very own website via a login and password secured program. No more faxing, transcribed, or call-in errors.

How long does it take to create a Employee/Subcontractor, Classification, or Project report?
About 5 seconds.

How long does it take to produce an Employee/Subcontractor Summary monthly or quarterly report information?

It takes about (5) five seconds to calculate any report.

How does this program capture reporting compliance requirements?
Compliance procedures are built into the program by a team of certified fraud examiners who researched and use this program on a daily basis to help small businesses, and decrease fraudulent payable practices.

What kind of Support do you provide?
We provide on-line support from our helpdesk by former state auditors, revenue agents, small manufacturers, builders, developers, business owners, and certified fraud auditors.

Is the program audit proof?

If you use the program as required, we will ensure your compliance.

Where do I find more information?

Use our Support & Information page or return to Our Suite of Calculators.

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